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Irish Setter Rescue


We have many years experience in placing pure bred Irish Setters in new homes. If you have a dog that you must find a new home for and have been or are unable to place the dog on your own please let us know. We will do our best to assist you. Remember, if you bought an Irish Setter from a reputable breeder you will likely have a contract that requires you to return the dog to the breeder if you can no longer care for it.
We would like to announce that Gibson has found his new forever home.                            

After 4 beautiful years with Gibson, my Irish Setter, I made the heartbreaking decision that it would be better for his well-being to find him a new family. If you know people who would be interested in adopting an absolutely beautiful dog, please put us in touch.


- A large outdoor space where he can have fun

- A house outside the city in a quiet location

- Time to give him every day for his education, going for a walk or play

- Experience with a large dog that has a high level of energy

- No small children



- "Gibs" is a very intelligent, affectionate and social dog. He enjoys running on the trail (cani-cross) or in the outdoor courtyard, smelling the odors and playing with people.

- He plays well with children but must be supervised as he can make them fall. He has no malice and shows no signs of aggression.

- In addition, at home, he does not destroy any items and he is clean.

- Irish Setter (purebred) adopted from a breeder

- Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club

- 4 and a half years

- Microchipped and tattooed

- Castrated

- Up-to-date vaccines

- Master several commandments: sit, lie down, lie down more, stand,  give the paw, stay

- Accustomed to being brushed, having his ears and teeth washed

- Does not like claw cutting too much but cooperates with treats

- Accustomed to playing with other dogs but still prefers humans. He has socialized well with dogs since he was a puppy.

- Grew up with a cat but likes to chase all the other cats he sees

- He loves to run (Cani-cross), especially in the mountains or on trails. He becomes a completely different dog with a mission: to move forward!

- He doesn't like to chew on bones other than frozen fleshy bones (beef ribs).

- His digestive system may be sensitive. Avoid foods with grains as much as possible.


- When he is excited (when we arrive home, meeting people), he tends to jump on people

- He is very reactive when he is on a leash or if he does not have access to stimuli (ex: dog on the other side of the fence). He is therefore anxious when restricted and reacts to dogs, cats, trucks and  motorcycles. Its responsiveness does not apply when running.

- He is interested in other animals but just wants to run.

- May have separation anxiety (howling for a few minutes) in certain circumstances (not generalized)


Thanks in advance for your help!



I hope you will be able to help Gibson!


Have a good day.







If you know of an Irish Setter that is in a shelter and needs to be rescued please let us know.

Our Rescue Convenors are: Connie O'Brien(Ont) 

                                          Ainsley Stewart(BC)

                                      Kim Livingston  (Ont)

If you have not completed a rescue application let us know and we will e-mail you one.



If you wish to donate to our Rescue Fund, please e-transfer funds to our Treasurer, Kathy Clark. Thank You!!

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